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Audrey South
Pre-Licensed Professional

Every person has value and experiences challenges as part of living. I enjoy working with individuals in problem solving and helping with change and growth in their lives. I am excited to work with people in understanding challenges they face, helping them to work through these challenges in a more productive manner, and using the knowledge and tools I have to benefit their needs. I enjoy using the Cognitive-Behavioral modality as well as Mindfulness techniques. Creating a safe place of trust is priority, a place where the client can open up and address their most sensitive and difficult challenges.

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Cheryl Neville
Licensed Professional, LCSW

Cheryl has worked in various aspects of mental health for 23 years. She obtained her Bachelor's Degree from Brigham Young University, with a Major in Family Sciences and a Minor in English. After her undergraduate studies, she engaged in extensive therapy herself, including hypnotherapy. This process was such a positive catalyst in her life, that she attended the University of Utah, majoring in Social Work and graduated with an MSW degree. Cheryl has worked in several different areas of mental health, to include residential treatment centers, outpatient settings, crisis team member at local hospital ER departments, DCFS abuse and investigations as well as an in-home case worker. She also worked at the Utah State Hospital for nearly five years and facilitated therapy groups in their Treatment Mall. She enjoys working with all ages, from preteens and adolescents to individual male or female adults, as well as couples and families. Cheryl has received extra training in PTSD treatments and therapies. She has worked with all ages who have requested assistance in the following areas: Anxiety, Depression, Gender Identity, Personality Disorders, Marital Issues, Parent-Child Conflict, Co-Dependence, Trauma and PTSD. Cheryl worked for several years at the Mental Health Center on Hill AFB, treating active duty soldiers and their spouses. She also has experience with being a military spouse, living overseas and then reacclimating back to civilian life. Cheryl has also experienced two episodes of violence towards her family members, one which ended in a trial and conviction of murder. It can be a fearful and confusing experience to family members who have to deal with violence perpetrated against those whom they love. When not actively engaged in therapy sessions, Cheryl likes to spend time with her four children and five grandchildren. she also likes to scuba dive, downhill ski, landscape and care for her yards. She collects antique furniture and stained glass pieces. She also loves animals and spending time with friends and loved ones.

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Dustin Hall

I help build relationships. It doesn't matter if you are at the height of your game, or on your way out; I can help. When working with couples, families, or individuals, I focus on helping each person understand what they are truly feeling. It is not until you know what is wrong that we can begin to fix it. For additional information go to I am a Primary Therapist at the OCD and Anxiety Treatment Center. Our goal is to teach clients how to effectively manage presenting symptoms of OCD and anxiety disorders. Make the commitment to run your own life. Call The OCD and Anxiety Treatment Center for more information.

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Elizabeth Stayner Kopaigora
Licensed Professional, LCSW

I work with a variety of clientele---beginning professionally 15 years ago. I have helped children, adolescents, adults, families, couples and parents with a wide variety of disorders and issues including: Autism Spectrum Disorders, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, children's issues, adolescent's issues, parenting skills, marital improvement, depression, anxiety, PTSD, special needs, addictions, LDS, spirituality, and multicultural issues. I have also ran successful: social skills, parenting, sex addiction and attachment groups as a professional counselor. I seek to help clients achieve greater success by: decreasing anxiety and depression issues, increasing positive relationships in marriages and families, assisting with positive parenting, becoming more resilient and flexible, increasing communication and social skills through various means, increasing desired behaviors, decreasing unwanted behaviors--- including anger management, and providing stress relief. I first seek to understand what my clients' goals are, and then work through our issues together as a team.

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Hilary Madsen
Licensed Professional, LCSW

Henry David Thoreau once said, “We are constantly invited to become who we are.” This eloquent quote has acted as a compass to guide my practice of therapy. I have helped many clients over the years reconnect with their authentic self and actualize their true potential. Clients I serve often express their appreciation for my warm and open style of therapy where they can be their genuine selves without feeling labeled, judged or “diagnosed”. For more than a decade I’ve helped individuals, couples and families work through their unique barriers and live the lives that have been waiting for them. I specialize in the treatment of trauma and PTSD and utilize Mind, Body, Bridging techniques to arrest intrusive flashbacks and restore peace and health. I am a licensed domestic violence counselor and certified anger management instructor. I have experience working with substance abuse, grief and loss, depression, anxiety and family issues. I celebrate the diverse families in our community and have worked with numerous couples, single-parent families, blended families, plural families and LGBTQ families.

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Javier Morales
Licensed Professional, LCSW

Throughout my career, I developed a specialization in the treatment of anxiety and stress related issues. I have been trained in and use highly effective techniques to help you reduce anxiety and manage stress. Not only do I use these techniques in therapy, I also teach them to you to ensure your continued success. We will work collaboratively to get to the root-cause of social anxiety, occupational and familial worries, and stress related to performance and approval. I'll ask questions, make educated guesses and ask before I discuss sensitive topics. I can use humor when appropriate and generally like to frame our sessions as a conversation addressing your current struggles and progress. I have been told that I am intuitive, honest, knowledgeable, and provide a calming presence. Let's begin the process of moving toward the life you seek. Decreasing anxiety and alleviating emotional distress is possible - this is where I can help. Although I specialize in the treatment of anxiety and stress related issues, I am also comfortable treating depression, unhealthy anger, jealousy, envy, low self-esteem, self-doubt, addiction recovery, trauma/PTSD, and relationship issues.

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Kelly Morse
Counselor, LPC

I have extensive experience in substance abuse and dependence issues, mood disorders including depression and anxiety, marital issues, parenting issues including handling difficult teen behaviors, trauma and abuse history work, and other phase of life issues that can stifle the progress and fulfillment in life. I take a cognitive-behaviorally based in approach, and also uses other eclectic styles of counseling and methodology to tailor a treatment plan and course of treatment that is designed to best fit each person's individual personality and circumstances. My approach is to balance strengths of empathic listening with candid honesty and the situation to help individuals reach the highest levels of insight. My focus is to help clients create workable goals for self improvement and to create more control in their life.

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Matt Seelos
Licensed Professional, LCSW

Matt has worked in the mental health field for 20 years. Growing up in Utah he has loved being able to spend time in the outdoors with his family, friends, and German Shepard Ace. He attended the University of Utah where he earned a bachelors in Psychology and then continued on at the University of Utah to earn his Masters in Social Work. He has worked in various treatment settings from group homes, to acute psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment centers, and running an outpatient private practice. He is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and this has helped him to better recognize the role that trauma can play in an individual's life. Being trained in other therapeutic approaches including Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Sandplay Therapy, and psychoanalytic Jungian Therapy allows for him to have multiple modalities to use as resources to support an individual with where they are at in their journey. He has special training from EMDRIA and is working on certification in EMDR as well as special training from the CHADD World Conference in order to help those individuals with Executive Functioning, Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NLD), and ADD/ADHD. He has attended Gender Education and DeMystification Symposium (GEMS) to stay current in how to best support transgender individuals. He works with children, adolescents, and adults who may be struggling with Anxiety, Depression, Anger Management, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Adoption, Gender Identity, Phase of Life Problems, Trauma, ADD/ADHD and improving communication skills. When Matt isn't working he loves to listen to music and whenever possible catches a local show with his wife, unless he is at one of his son's soccer games or his daughter's dance recitals.

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Melanie Brown
Licensed Professional, LCSW

I have become personally aware of the needs of couples, individuals and families experiencing the difficult effects of addiction, grief, depression, trauma, and divorce. I have felt great joy and satisfaction working with clients in the areas of relationships, grief work, personal trauma, depression, and treatment to overcome addiction. I believe in the ability of every individual to find answers and to heal. My focus is to provide tools and support as you walk your path. You have the answers inside you. I can be the catalyst for the healing change you desire in your life. Each individual journey is unique and precious. I am sensitive to the specific needs each individual has to be able to affect change and overcome the struggles they are experiencing in life. I look forward to meeting with you.

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Paul Peterson
Senior Specialist and Director

I am an active psychotherapist - listening, asking questions, exploring new ways to understand your experiences and helping you find new strategies. My approach to therapy is one of warmth, empathy, insight and a focus on goal setting. I strive to help

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Richard L Cox
Counselor, PhD, LCMHC

I am a BIPOLAR DISORDER specialist, with over 12 years of experience working with individuals suffering with Bipolar Disorder, and my personal involvement includes a family member who struggles with the pain of managing periods of depression and times of irritability and/or excessive mania. My COUPLES counseling applies experience and training in Emotionally Focused Therapy--the highly effective and researched approach for helping couples achieve greater happiness. Couples and individuals do overcome life's challenges and find peace and joy. I also provide a straight-forward approach to ANGER MANAGEMENT counseling, which, though not easy, can be conquered. COUPLES' dreams of love, acceptance, and joy are within your grasp; they are yours to embrace. BIPOLAR Disorder like any other illness, such as diabetes, requires special attention but does not have to prevent anyone from enjoying a successful, productive, and happy life. This is also true for ANGER issues. I have an M.A. degree in Mental Health Counseling, and a Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy. I speak fluent Spanish, and recently completed 11/2 years of counseling Hispanic individuals, couples and families in Nogales, AZ--which is on the border with Mexico.

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Suzanna Cressall
Pre-Licensed Professional

My previous experience involves mostly children and teens in school settings, shelters, and residential treatment centers. Through those experiences, I learned to see people’s potential even in their dark moments and bring out the best in them through a meaningful therapeutic relationship. I also believe in the importance of a person’s locus of control, and how shifting one’s perspective and taking action can lead to real and lasting change. I am currently in my last year of the Master of Social Work Program at Utah State University. I am fortunate enough to receive specialized training in anxiety disorders as an intern at The OCD and Anxiety Treatment Center. I am passionate about providing evidence-based treatment for OCD, Hoarding Disorder, and Body-Focused Repetitive Disorders—as well as increasing community understanding about them. I currently run a treatment group for individuals with Hoarding Disorder and look forward to running more groups in the future.

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